Woori Center is excited to announce a virtual ten week-long Korean music class with a master Korean musician, Gamin Kang, for Spring 2022. Through the hands-on experience of playing Danso, students will learn about various topics such as vocal music, instrumental music, and ritual music; an introduction to Korean folk songs, jangdan (rhythm), traditional children’s songs, and Korean music; and the lyrics of Arirang folk songs. Our 40-minute classes will consist of 20-minute lectures and 20-minute practical lessons. (Adult class will be 50-minute long, and altogether 8 lessons will be offered.)

Gamin Kang, simply known as “gamin,” a distinguished NYC soloist, tours the world performing both traditional Korean music and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Gamin plays piri (double reed Korean oboe), taepyeonso (double-reed horn), and saenghwang (mouth organ). She is a designated Yisuja, official holder of Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 46 for Court and Royal Military music.

We want to offer this space as an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves, as playing Danso and learning about the calming music can reduce your stress and strengthen your immune system. Moreover, Gamin will help you explore various types of Korean music and learn about the songs our parents and their parents sang for centuries!

Our lessons will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting on June 16th and ending on August 18th:
– Grades 3 through 6 will meet from 3-3:40 PM EST, starting Saturday, March 26.
– Grades 7 through 12 will meet from 2-2:40 PM EST, starting Saturday, March 26.
– Adult class will meet from 8-8:50 PM EST, starting on Monday, March 28.

The course is offered free for Woori Center members, and for non-members, $40 of registration fee is charged. Woori Center asks that students come prepared with their own instrument or purchase a Danso through us!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us through info@wooricenterpa.org or call us at (267) 270-9466.